Second Annual
Bill Monroe Appreciation Night
January 2, 1999

presented by Roland White
and J.T. Gray's Station Inn

The second annual Bill Monroe Appreciation Night was held on Saturday, January 2, 1999, at the Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was a non-smoking night hosted by Anna Marie Ritter. The house was packed by 7:30 and before 8:00 they were turning people away.   Music started shortly after 9:00 with Roland White, Doug Green, Mike Compton, Bobby Hicks, Charlie Smith, David Grier, and Gene Libbea. Del McCoury played and sang all through the second set and there were numerous special guests throughout the evening.

Below are some of Mary Yeomans' photos.

Click here to see pictures of last year's event.

Charlie Smith, Bobby Hicks, Mike Compton, Roland White, Gene Libbea, David Grier, Doug Green, Vic Jordan.

John Hartford, Bobby Hicks, Charlie Smith
 Roland White
and Del McCoury
David Rawlings, Gillian Welch and Bobby Hicks
 Del McCoury and David Grier
Doug Green
 Randy Howard, Bobby Hicks, Charlie Smith, Kathy Chiavola, Mike Compton, Tim O'Brien
Gene Libbea and Chris Sharp
Anna Marie Ritter
Charlie Smith, Mike Compton, J. T. Gray
Charlie Smith, Mike Compton, Roland White, Gene Libbea, Steve Earle, David Grier, Del McCoury, Vic Jordan

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